Cold water high pressure Jet Spray

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C10

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C10


  • Immediate total stop (the machine goes off automatically when the trigger gun is released)
  • Axial pump with aluminium alloy head
  • Stainless steel pistons with excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Universal motor (ultra-light copper windings for easy movement)
  • The motor is protected from excessively high temperatures by a thermal cutout
  • Ergonomic and robust handle for an easy and comfortable transport

CodeModelRemote ControlPressure (bar)Flow rate (I/h)Voltage (Ph-V-Hz)Absorbed Power (Kw)RPMElectric Cable (m)Hose (m)Weight (Kg)
IDAF94218PWC10/1306AMTotal Stop1303701-230-501.7-559

POVISH 160 High Pressure Cleaners

Approx Price: Rs 23,000 / Number 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number
Product Details:
  • Power (Watts or HP): 2200w
  • Motor Voltage: 230V
  • Motor Brand: Italy
  • Phase: Single Phase

Povish-160 is a mini range studied for the most demanding customers: compact and easy to move like entry level products, they hide powerful induction motors (from 2000 to 2200 Watt) suitable for frequent use and tough cleaning tasks.

  • Induction motor power.
  • Three steel pistons, aluminium pump head with built-in bypass valve.
  • Automatic stop system.
  • Hose reel.
  • Side holder to site.
  • Trolley with ergonomic handle granting excellent mobility.
  • Gun with quick connection. Lance with double nozzle.
  • Fixed lance.

Max. pressure

160 bar max

Delivery rate

390 l/h max

Absorbed power

2200 W max

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C25

Pressure Washer PW-C25


  • Asynchronous motor, 2-pole (2800 rpm), class S1 (continuous duty).
  • IPC pump with separate By Pass, complete with pressure adjustment knob to adapt the pressure to the surface to be washed. The motor and the pump are mounted horizontally, while the structure is vertical. This improves the stability and manoeuvrability of the machine, which also occupies less space, even when stored, the natural working position of the pump-motor group at all times.
  • Professional pressure gauge to monitor work pressure at all times.
  • Strong structure that is resistant to thermal shocks, atmospheric agents and chemical corrosion.
  • Lance support as standard.

ModelRemote ControlPressure (bar)Flow rate (I/h)Voltage (Ph-V-Hz)Absorbed Power (Kw)Motor (HP)RPMDetergent tank (I)Weight (Kg)
IDAF94169PWC25/1813PTTotal Stop1808003-400-5055.52800330

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C40

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C40
  • Asyncronous motor 2-pole, class S1 (continuous duty) in models 1310P and 1813P
  • Asyncronous motor 4-pole, class S1 (continuous duty) in models 1310P4, 1813P4 and 1915P4
  • Sturdy frame and large diameter wheels to facilitate movement
  • Built-in ergonomic handle, lance holder and hose support
  • The machine has also a cable support
  • Lance holder
  • Built in 7.5 litre detergent tank to for low pressure detergent delivery
Specifications :

ModelRemote ControlPressure (bar)Flow rate (I/h)Voltage (Ph-V-Hz)Absorbed Power (Kw)Motor (HP)RPMDetergent tank (I)Weight (Kg)
IDAF40234PWC40/1310PMTotal Stop I1306001-230-503.3328007.541.4
IDAF40238PWC40/1813PTTotal Stop I1808003-400-504.75.528007.543
IDAF40246PWC40/1310P4MTotal Stop D1306001-230-503.1314007.544
IDAF40250PWC40/1813P4TTotal Stop D1808003-400-504.7614007.544
IDAF40254PWC40/1915P4TTotal Stop D1909003-400-505.1614007.550

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C50

High Pressure Jet Spray PW-C50

Features :
  • Asynchronous motor, 4-pole, class S1 (continuous duty)
  • Sturdy shockproof structure, resistant to thermal shock and adverse weather conditions
  • Ergonomic handle with lance holder, cable support and hose support to keep everything within reach at all times
  • Professional pressure gauge to monitor work pressure at all times
  • Pressure knob
  • Built-in detergent tank
Specifications :

ModelRemote ControlPressure (bar)Flow rate (I/h)Voltage (Ph-V-Hz)Absorbed Power (Kw)Motor (HP)RPMDetergent tank (I)Weight (Kg)
IDAF40265PWC50D1718PTTotal Stop D17011003-400-506.27.51400468.2
IDAF40261PWC50D2117PTTotal Stop D21010003-400-506.47.51400468.2
IDAF40270PWC50D1622PTTotal Stop D16013003-400-506.27.51400468.2
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